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Tuesday, 09th December 2014

Solar Energy Society of India (SESI) has been organizing conventions/conferences/seminars since last over three decades at National/International level. During the period it has undergone profound changes and finally it has grown up to take up the challenge of organizing an annual event like ICORE(International Congress on Renewable Energy) thus bringing India at par with developed nations having international events on regular basis. The Congress covers all the aspects of new and renewable energy in general and Solar Energy in particular thus providing excellent platform for all renewable energy researchers, academia, policy makers and industries of India as well as abroad.


The economic growth of any country is closely related to the growth of its energy consumption. This relationship is critically important for developing countries like India where the economy is growing rapidly. Simultaneously providing adequate and equitable access to basic amenities and services must be the immediate priority of policy makers. Energy access for all is generally recognized as a policy priority because this factor has a strong impact on creating opportunities for economic development and generating decent livelihoods for the poor. Past experience reveals that no country has substantially reduced poverty without massively increasing its use of energy. Electricity in particular plays a crucial role in improving levels of human development and the quality of modern life. Given the plans for rapid economic growth, it is evident that the country's requirements for energy would increase substantially. Also, India's conventional energy resources are limited. While India is the fourth-largest coal producer in the world after China, USA and Australia, much of the coal reserves are inaccessible due to technological, social or geological factors. As a result, India faces increasing challenges in meeting its growing commercial energy demand with domestic conventional resources. India is expected to be moving toward a future of increased energy imports, which would lead not only to greater uncertainties in energy supply but also to increased pressure on the country's stock of foreign exchange as also in the increase in GHG emissions.

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